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Table Top Exercises

Table Top Exercises (TTX) help to prepare teams to handle a wide varity of disasters and emergencies in a simulated environment. These structured, interactive exercises are ideal for assessing and improving readiness. 

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TTX help organizations to understand the preparedness and response capabilities of their team. Unlike full-scale drills, TTX are meant to be discussion-based which is helpful in testing plans, policies and procedures. 


Written TTX plans include a customized written plan that can be facilitated locally. Each organization will be able to manage their own TTX.


Facilitated TTX involve the help of a highly-trained facilitator who is able to guide an organization through their TTX either virtually or in-person.  

Full Service

Full Service TTX involves the guidance of one facilitator, one administrator & one subject matter expert for the most robust and expansive experience.

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Simulated Scenario

In a TTX, participants are presented with a hypothetical scenario that simulates a disaster or emergency situation. The scenario can be tailored to specific objectives or vulnerabilities that the organization wants to address including natural disasters or public health emergencies.


TTX is discussion-based, meaning that participants do not physically respond to the simulated event on the ground. Participants gather together to engage in facilitated discussions and find solutions. 

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